How does PlaqueHD® Toothpaste impact your practice?

We all know some version of the same story.


A patient comes into the office for a dental cleaning, or to remove their braces, or for any number of regular dental procedures. "Why do I have staining under where my braces where?", they ask, or "I brush twice a day, every day. How am I getting cavities?"


It's questions like these that get us to the office every day. PlaqueHD® Toothpaste provides the vehicle to educate and improve a patient's oral hygiene, thereby improving their office visits, appliance compliance, and treatment outcomes.

Critically, PlaqueHD® Toothpaste also provides your office the opportunity to generate additional revenue. Our doctors regularly generate tens of thousands of dollars each year by facilitating the sale of PlaqueHD® to patients or by including PlaqueHD® in starter kits as a value-add.

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