The PlaqueHD® Story 
Where It Started, And How It's Going

Our Brand
A Comprehensive Evolution

As the business cycle waxes and wanes, it is vital to remain responsive to marketplace wants and needs. We worked tirelessly to cultivate a strong consumer base over the last half-decade, honing in on which specific sectors we aimed to serve. The result is an evolution that takes PlaqueHD® into the next half-decade.


Prototype Alpha
The Beginning

Our Roots

Our original PlaqueHD® branding placed an emphasis on clinical simplicity to gain validity in the crowded toothpaste market. Having achieved that success, it was time to move into the next phase.

Concept Beta
The Present

Our Growth

Having first focused on gaining traction in the clinical setting, it was vital to turn our attention to the consumer market. With that in mind, our branding shifted to adopt more general market standards.


Our Future

Our new PlaqueHD® branding capitalizes on the market in which our products do best: orthodontics. Fun and bright colors specifically invite age groups that primarily receive orthodontic treatment.

Operation Charlie
The Next Generation

Our Advantage
Targetol Technology®

2018-2021 (1).png

Your Health, 

The Difference Maker

Targetol Technology® is what truly sets PlaqueHD® Toothpaste apart. By seeing where "the green stuff" is, patients become dental superheroes, enabling better brushing morning and night. Learn how to use PlaqueHD® Toothpaste by clicking here.

What Inspires Us
Products Elevating Patient Care

mission image 1.png

Dentists Striving
For Better

We will continue creating products that are in demand by dentists around the world. We will work hard to bring innovation to the industry and help push oral healthcare forward.

mission image 2.png

Reaching a "Hier"
Level Of Oral Health

Too many communities lack the tools and resources to care for their oral health. We strive to make our product line as affordable and universal as possible to aid these communities in addition to our outreach efforts.

mission image 3.png

A Product Line
We Are Proud Of

Our product line is focused and concise. We aim to grow and build a product line that fits all the needs of oral hygiene at every level. Stay tuned...we have a lot in the works!